Casual Players List

Residents who have an interest in becoming part of a regular tennis group with other neighborhood folks, can email us at In the Residents section is an informal list of like-minded players who want to arrange for play on a casual or regular basis, as a group or individually.

Tennis Court Keys

Access to both the Pool and Tennis Courts is by protected Key only. Guidelines have been published for Protected Key distribution and use.

Tennis Anyone?

Playing tennis is great experience, whether you are a beginner, are honing existing skills or just crave some vigorous and competitive exercise. Singles or doubles, it’s great to have a well-maintained court at your disposal. So come down to the Clubhouse area and enjoy a game on one of the two newly-surfaced Saddle Ridge courts, available for play 7 days a week from 6 am to midnight.

Tennis Court Rules

A few caveats apply, e.g., lights need to be turned off when you leave, if no one else is playing. See Tennis Court Rules for further guidelines and restrictions.